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Welcome to D.P.S. Construction & Design

Our engineering office operates in the field of engineering structures since 1993 in Lixouri, Kefalonia.

The company was founded in 2010 with the distinctive title "D. Pariotis - P. Sfaelos H.C.".

Our scope: Preparation of Building Plans, Building Licenses and Property Development, Construction, Renovation & Restorations; Both Structural & Interior finishings.

With state of the art equipment, expert knowledge and our many years of experience, we guarantee consistency and quality of all our services at all phases.  From creating the 3-D computer simulated design of your property; to implementing its construction or renovation with speed, adaptability & diligence.  Involving you at every stage of development and catering to all your individual needs.


Supervision of Building ProjectEngraving in our office policy is daily and thorough engineering supervision of the construction site, for the project that we undertake. This is the factor that ensures quality construction and timely delivery.Read more
Plans - Supervision - Construction The correct and complete plans of any technical work is necessary for the accuracy, speed and quality of implementation.
Our office is able to undertake a number of plans for any use.
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Estate Agency ServisesOur office provides real estate services.
Our sales team with local expertise and experience can guide you for the best property marketing.
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