Supervision of Building Project

Engraving in our office policy is daily and thorough engineering supervision of the construction site, for the project that we undertake. This is the factor that ensures quality construction and timely delivery.

The owner is informed, in writing, after each stage of the project for both development work and quality work of each contractor in accordance with the standards specifications.

Plans - Supervision - Construction


The correct and complete plans of any technical work is necessary for the accuracy, speed and quality of implementation. We place great emphasis and attention to proper planning, accuracy and completeness of the required plans, so that the execution of any project becomes smooth, fast and always within the framework of the required scientific standards. Our office is able to undertake a number of plans for any use. Architectural, structural, water supply and sanitation facilities, electromechanical, fire protection, energy efficiency, arrangements interior and exterior spaces, distribution costs, surroundings, seismic monitoring, etc.


Our office is able to undertake construction projects with responsibility, consistency and guaranteed high quality execution. We can provide "turn-key solutions", having extensive experience and expertise in the design and construction of complex projects with special requirements.


Each study as complete and detailed as it is, needs to be applied correctly and responsibly to give the desired result. The field of project management has been sidelined in our country, resulting in the production of works that do not meet the required standards and environmental degradation. The supervision of a work is, if not more, so important as the study. During the work may arise problems that can not be predicted and is necessary to address and initiatives in accordance with his instructions perfectly competent supervising engineer - who, after all, take responsibility. We place great emphasis on supervision of work, constant presence and monitoring at all stages of the project so as to preserve the level of our work, but the end user, respecting the preference and confidence in their competence and our scientific competence and knowledge.